Why should you switch from Calendly to WPCal.io?

Without Calendly, scheduling meetings over email will be a nightmare. But it’s not built for WordPress. Until now, we didn’t have a choice but to use Calendly. Not anymore. Here are 3 reasons why you should switch from Calendly to WPCal.io right now

  1. Native support
    When you Google ‘Calendly for WordPress’ all results on the first page show how to ‘embed’ their booking widget on a WP page and how to integrate it with APIs. But it is a fact that the widget will truly never belong to a WordPress page. Being a native plugin, purpose-built for WordPress, WPCal.io provides the level of customization and integration that is not possible with an ‘embeddable’ widget.

    a. Users: Fully integrated into the ecosystem, the plugin takes advantage of the already-set-up WordPress users’ logins and roles. There is no need to set up your team again on a disconnected system and manage it separately.

    b. Control: The booking page is just an ordinary page that you can fully customize. The widget can be placed wherever you want to, using a [shortcode]. You can also control and customize the look and feel of the booking widget.

  2. Privacy
    Your data is truly yours. No data is sent over to any other servers without your consent. Just like WordPress, WPCal.io is built with Privacy at its core.

  3. Affordable
    All WP-based product businesses know that the WordPress community has a specific investing pattern and won’t pay a penny more than what a system is worth. And rightfully so. Why should we? Being in the WordPress space for more than 10 years, we are very aware of the sweet spots according to the value being exchanged. We have carefully priced the premium part of the plugin with this in mind.

So, instead of searching for a ‘Calendly alternative’ or ‘Calendly for WordPress’, Get started with WPCal for free.

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