We have been working top requested features like branding, translation support, answer types, own mailer etc. Here is the list of what’s new in this release.

Branding - Accent color and font customization

Branding - Accent color customization - Step 1 - Dark red
Branding - Accent color customization - Step 2 - Dark red
Branding - Accent color customization - Step 1 - Green
Branding - Accent color customization - Step 2 - Green
Branding - Admin settings

Event type questions now support two new answer types, Single-line and Phone number along with Multi-line

Event type - New answer types - Phone, Single line
Event type - New answer types - Phone, Single line - Setting

Send mails via your own server or SMTP

Email setting

Other changes


  • Onboarding is introduced to set up a calendar and meeting apps.


  • Default time format has been changed from 24 hours to 12 hours for new installs.
  • Default timezone setting introduced.
  • Event type questions order can be changed using drag and drop.
  • Event type question delete confirmation is added.
  • Event type edit-view page now will have a toggle button to enable or disable it and profile picture of the admin owner.
  • Advance settings options and show start time every option of an event type will be shown in the event type summary.
  • After adding a meeting app successfully now a popup will be shown asking the admin to set up locations in event type.
  • Adding “Help docs” to admin header links.
  • Minimum schedule notice third option time picker introduced instead of a textbox. For old installs the same value if it is 23:59:59 and days before value more than 0 changed to 00:00:00 and days before value one day less. Just one second is the difference.
  • If plugin requirements are not met a page with required versions and installed version will be displayed in the admin area.
  • Lots of UI & UX improvements.


  • Booking widget not loading in Elementor plugin popup.
  • Windows bold font rendering issue for some characters issue.
  • While reordering using drag and drop incorrect order was showing.
  • MySQL error #1709 – Index column size too large while activating the plugin issue.
  • Various bug fixes.
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