This v0.9.3.0 update has a lot of user-requested features and improvements. We have also made several UI/UX improvements and bug fixes.

New profile settings for admins with profile picture upload option.


Booking widget now adapts the size based on available space. No more overlap on the sidebar.

Booking widget - Full width
Booking widget - Full width with slots
Booking widget - Sidebar
Booking widget - Sidebar with slots
Booking widget - Mobile
Booking widget - Mobile with slots

No more "#/booking" in the address bar.

No more "#booking" in the address bar.

Multiple invitee questions

Multiple Questions

New Available Days and Time Zone options per Event Type

Available days and Time zone

Custom tab to search bookings.

Search bookings

Invitee question-answers and view booking link in the email.

Question-answers and view booking link.

Other changes


  • Event Type custom availability – Setting not available for multiple days are now supported.


  • Form input which has character count limit will now show live input count/total count.
  • Google, GoToMeeting And Zoom Meeting ID or code will be displayed near the meeting URL in the admin end, user emails and calendar description.
  • Event type Shortcode is now displayed in the event type view page.
  • Google Meet status is now displayed in Admin Settings => Integration.
  • Force disconnect popup now comes in Admin Settings => Calendars, similar to Settings => Integration when normal disconnect fails.
  • Support email link changed to support link.
    Other UI & UX Improvements.


  • Booking widget is not loading because of # used in URL due to conflict with some themes.
  • All textarea(multi-line) inputs(including Event Type description, question & answer) now supports line breaks.
  • When a booking is done within 5 mins of scheduled time its emails and other API activities are not triggering.
  • Admin end Event Type custom availability while using a date range, old dates where editable.
  • Reschedule booking validation not working for location selection.
  • While rescheduling the booking for the same day, max booking per day limit issue.
  • Other bug fixes.
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