As a team obsessed with efficiency, customizing tools, automating and optimizing our daily workflow has been a continuous process. We had to wear different hats every day and knew that our time is best spent on things we deeply care about rather than manual but important tasks.

One thing that we couldn’t automate was scheduling demo and onboarding calls for our customers. Being a customer-first company, we knew how important it was for us to give that personalized service and thought all the back and forth emails to schedule calls were worth the manual effort. But we soon realized that it was not the case. Keeping track of emails and scheduling 10s of meetings every day was taking up a huge chunk of our time. 

We looked at a lot of appointment scheduling plugins and realised most of them were too complicated for scheduling meetings. Then we came across Calendly.

Calendly, built precisely for scheduling meetings, was a neat tool. But as a separate SaaS-based product, there was no way for us to integrate it with our WordPress workflow. We had to create a separate set of users. It was also not very customizable to the extent that we would have liked. Most importantly, it started to become a tad bit too expensive as we added more users into the system.

“If only such a meeting scheduling tool exists as a WordPress plugin…”

This is exactly how came to be. We took what we loved about Calendly, sprinkled some nice extra features over it, marinated it in a pretty custom-built UI framework, baked it in Vue.js for 3 months and… ting! Out came the exquisite The Calendly alternative for WordPress.

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